Petroleum Geoscience Interpreter Course – 4 Weeks

Petroleum Geoscience Interpreter Course – 4 WEEKS

This course is aimed at imparting consolidated background in petroleum geology, petroleum geophysics, well log interpretation and seismic interpretation using open source seismic interpretation software. Your company data can be used for practicing interpretation during the course. This course will educate the geoscientists to move up the interpretation path with technical skills and practical knowledge of seismic interpretation pitfalls.

  • Teaching faculty  hold Ph.D  with three  decades of  combined experience in academia and oil industry.
  • They teach professional courses all over the globe  for oil and mineral industry.
  • Contact to schedule these courses at your institution.

Keywords: Petroleum, Gas, Oil, Hydrocarbon, Rock, Geology, Geophysics, Geoscience, Geologist, Geophysicist, Manager, Gravity, Magnetic, Seismic, Well logging, Welllog, Seismic attributes, Mechanical properties, Conventional resources , Unconventional resources, Shale oil, Shale gas